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Event Organiser's Biggest Frustration?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

As we all know planning an event can be fun, but it can also be pretty stressful too! I think likewise to any career, there will be stress.

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The biggest frustration for event organizers often revolves around last-minute changes or unforeseen challenges that can disrupt meticulous planning and execution.

1. Pitching for a new piece of business

Event management team pitching for projects
Event management team pitching for projects

As an event organiser, I have been in situations where pitching for a new piece of business had been frustrating. The agency would only allow us to share a very limited amount of creative or time to put into the pitch, so it wasn't balanced out fairly. As much as I would love to share all the creative that I have got but we as an event company, we do have to protects our creative ideas, so that a client does not use or adapt them without your permission. This is particularly important if your idea is strong and has the potential to be used as part of their own visual identity and branding.

We want our vision to become a reality by winning the business, but we also want you to get credit for what is actually yours! It is important to protect the ideas and information you put forward with a client. By submitting proposals, we are exposed to other agencies and can be copied at any point by our competition. There is nothing more frustrating than investing time and resources in something only to see it duplicated elsewhere in the market.

Do you know that, organising a pitch is probably one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your career as a creative? It is a really important moment for both you and the client, but it can also be a very scary one, and from my experience it is no wonder people fail to communicate their creative ideas effectively.

2. Waiting for the decision maker to confirm the event venue

Large scale events in Singapore
Large scale events in Singapore

Sometimes things don't always go as planned, the environment has a pretty big effect on humans' moods and the comfort of your attendees. The event venue choice will be one of the biggest and foremost factors in a successful event. As an event organiser, you want to minimise risks and increase chances of success as much as possible.

Choosing an event venue might seem like a simple process, but choosing the right one is critical is you want to create an unforgettable event. The atmosphere and ambience of your choosing venue can have a big impact on attendees' moods and experience. In choosing the right event venue, do also consider working on your budgeting as the event venue may take up a huge percentage of your budget.

3. Super last minute request

As much as we love to organise an event, being flexible is an important factor we must master. As an event organiser myself, many a times I will encounter clients with lots of lats minute request. Example, number of attendees increase or decrease, add on transportation and or other accommodation for guests, stage performances, additional company program etc. The ability to adapt and solve problems is what makes a good events organiser. It’s the ability to keep calm, listen and respond quickly, to be friendly and open minded and the commitment to see an event through from start to finish. This for large scale events like concerts, exhibitions, corporate team building, conference, regional conference and more.

4. Dealing with different contractors

As much as I love meeting peoples but sometimes its not an easy tasks to deal with all sort of vendors. Especially new vendors that we never work together before. I'm an event organiser for events and I'm looking for new vendors to work together. I have been in this industry for more than a decade, so I usually end up working with people who are very understanding and responsible in their work.

As a vendor I have keep close to some of the best vendors in the event industry for more than a decade. I am sure you will be getting good quality work from those vendors. as an event organiser it is very important to engage the right vendors for your event. Event planners rely on vendors to make their events successful, and understanding these relationships is essential when planning any type of event.

We believe that a good event is one which thrives on the partnership between the participants and the organisers. We partner with only top-notch vendors in our industry who are committed to delighting you with their services and expertise.

Each vendor that is selected must be as equally important and helpful in making your event a success. Make sure you choose the right vendors who will deliver on time, in budget, and produce the best results given your needs.

If you need any assistance, do feel free to contact us at 8282 7210.

We look forward to hear from you.. Thanks for staying through.. Cheers!

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