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AT EVENTS GROUP, we believe in the power of event management and event production- to build awareness and understanding, to celebrate achievement and success , or simply to create a superbly memorable company event / party experience. As the name suggests, we like to do things with a personal touch that makes each event / party unique. Our event management team is compromised of people who can handle any challenges. We work with each client to understand what they want out of the event, and come up with a plan that will deliver. We are not satisfied unless you are satisfied, which has been our mission since day one.

We bring together event skills in live events production, event audio visual technology and event business marketing to create customised strategies that help you achieve your business objectives for the company event and build stronger relationships with your coroporate team, guests, customers and so on. 

An event is a complex operation that takes place in real time. There is no room for delays and miscommunications. Our event management and event production team of expert, some with over 20 years of experience in the event and entertainment industry, will move your corporate event / private party forward with precision. Their event management experience covers a wide range of events, international and domestic, and they are always ready to provide instant solutions for your event. 

We spare no efforts to plan the event meticulously by leaving no room for unexpected eventualities.  We have a team of experienced designer to design the event for you, following your direction and event themes. We will arrange all the needed equipment , logistics and services. But once your event starts, it’s all about synchronisation. Our people will scrupulously check and recheck that all the parts work as a whole in the right hour, minute and second. From lighting to sound, catering to entertainment, digital content display to special effect, event photography and event video recording to transportation, we are present in every specific component of your company event or company retreat. 

Planning to hold a event overseas? Country like Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Australia and many more. We have all the event production that you need, from event registration, rsvp suites to event logistics, guests accommodations, emcee, event coordination and event entertainment.

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