Corporate Private Networking Events Ideas

Updated: Sep 17

Corporate Private Networking Events Ideal for businesses to connect, build and grow together!

In this article, I will be sharing with you some corporate private networking events that I had done for my clients for the past 10 over years. I hope that this can give you an idea on what activities and how to plan for your company private networking event.

  1. Private Event on a Yacht

private networking yacht event
Yacht Event Party

Having a private networking event on a yacht can be a unique and memorable one for your guests. This is an excellent opportunity to make new business contacts, share tips and tricks, and just have good fun with other members of the community. A private event or networking event can be a great way for our clients to learn more about their peers and business partners, at the same time giving our clients a chance to network, build relationships and make friends in the community.

There are many things we can do on a yacht, from sunning yourself by the pool to watching the sunset. There are also a number of activities you can enjoy on board and off, including adventure cruising, day sailing and overnight stays which allow us to explore areas in comfort and safety.

A cruise is about more than just events and the destination. It’s the experience you have on board the yacht —from fine dining to fly-fishing, white water rafting or kayaking during your networking event, or celebrating with a live band performance show on board—that becomes the highlight of your trip.

Here's an insights on how we organise for your yacht party:

Event company like us, we organise yacht parties just like any other event..

The first step is to find a venue. Since the venue is completely different than most events you’d probably host, this should be your top priority. Some event companies will have their own preferred yacht agency, but for many it will be up to you to find a suitable one. And it also depends on the number of pax who will be attending the yacht event. Securing a venue/yacht is the top most priority especially during festive seasons.

Secondly, we will plan out the itinerary and activities based on your overall budget. I know when comes to budgeting, it's quite tough to come out with a ballpark figure, so usually what my company do is, to work out the overall costings to our client first and from there, we adjust the cost accordingly. so to at least client know roughly the price range and what to they can expect from hosting a yacht event.

Next, once the costings have been finalised and approved. Our event team will start the coordination works; liaising with all the different vendors, making sure every single details are in-line. They will provide a detailed plan for the day which your guests can follow, making sure everybody has a lovely experience. We will also keep tabs on the weather and inform you if any changes need to be made prior to the event.

Oh ya! If you're having a party, and you are looking to impress your guests, we have a limousine service with an amazing rate!

When you’re having a corporate event, you want to make sure everything is perfect. That’s why we work closely with our clients to create and host events where every detail is thoughtfully considered, down to the last crumb on the table.

AT Events Group have an exciting exclusive private yacht charter package for your company. Includes Emcee / Host, various games, indoor and outdoor activities, food & drinks, skyline cruise etc.

Do contact 8282 7210 for free quotation.

2. Corporate Wine Tasting

Another brilliant idea for hosting a private or corporate wine tasting event for you and your guests, is wine tasting for corporate event.

We have certified sommelier / wine expert to be the host for your private or corporate wine tasting event for you and your guests, we have got all for you! We have craft out an exclusive program packages for you and your guests, that are known internationally as the best wine and whiskey appreciation events anywhere. Our exclusive event packages are perfect for networking, team building and socialising. Feel free to reach out to us.

Some unique event themes for your reference are:

  • A comparison between the old world and new world

  • “Travel around the world” of global wines

  • The essentials of food and wine pairing

  • A “blind” tasting of wines

3. Karaoke Party / Corporate Karaoke Event / Singing Competition

Now you can sing karaoke anywhere anytime! We have done karaoke setup on yacht, hotel ballrooms, restaurant with private rooms, chalets, condo function room, community clubs, country clubs and even at the comfort of your home.

Your Trusted Event Company In Asia!

For events enquiry, do feel free to contact us at 8282 7210.

We look forward to host your event soon.. Thanks for staying through.. Cheers!

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